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(Source: pic via Ian Dooley, Unsplash)

When you talk about the Cold War, you probably think about the USA and the USSR. You might even think about the smaller countries that encompassed much of the conflict such as Korea or Vietnam.

From Candy to Broadway

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(Source: author’s screenshot from Twitter)

Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical

On February 3rd, aka “Super Bowl Sunday” Skittles decided to premier the first and only showing of an advertisement that I don’t believe anyone expected from them. In and unexpected move by the candy brand, Skittles went and made a commercial out of a Broadway Show.

The show was 30 minutes long and had no official intermission. It also was not televised at all as the show was not meant to be a typical Broadway Show and was a once in a time opportunity for the people who attended.

From Twitter to Twitch

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Source: author’s screenshot from Twitter

In 2017, one of the biggest memes on the internet was Wendy’s Twitter account. One of the most unexpected things for a fast food joint to do in order to get an edge on their competitors, Wendy’s started roasting other Twitter users and brands in order to gain popularity.

Justin Thorne

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